One day....

I am sitting here
I am waiting for a sign
You don?t see my arm
You only see the others
They don?t have to work hard
They don?t sit hours over it
There seems to be a wall in front of me
There seems to be a black hole at my seet
Can?t you see me
Or don?t you want to see me?
The room gets smaller
The pain grows bigger
My heart like a overfilled water ton
My mind a book of science
I will show you, I will tell you
I will be proud, I will be equal
These wishes want to wake you up
These feelings want to destroy walls
When you rescue me
When you finally see
That I am good
That I am better
Then I will laugh
Then I will cry
Because you have seen me like I am
Because you will not compare me to others
One day you will care
One day you will be fair
I hope one day?
9.9.05 13:30

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